I wonder what it’d be like to be a fly on the wall of the Scrutton Street studio space. Probably pretty fascinating. Home to Andrew Weatherall, Scott Fraser, Richard Fearless, Daniel Avery and Timothy J. Fairplay, I’d imagine it’s a hotbed of creativity, and if the latter’s output over four years is anything to go by, it certainly is. In fact, he once told Fact Magazine it can be “quite a production line”.

From collaborating with Weatherall to running Crimes of the Future alongside Fraser, Tim Fairplay generally deals in music that sounds as if it came from a fictionalised dystopian world and his latest creation stays true to the theme. If it wasn’t ominous enough, Fairplay’s paired ‘Omens Of Awareness’ with a pretty bizarre excerpt from Messengers of Deception, Jacques Vallée’s dissection of the UFO scene during the 1970s. A trippy concoction of old school breaks and delay-drenched synth lines, the chorus of eerie electronics ebb and flow above a framework that’s steeped in nostalgia.

There aren’t any details of a release as yet, but we’re hoping the wait isn’t too substantial.

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