London imprint X-Kalay stake their claim as being ones to watch for the very near future, with their inaugural release coming courtesy of the Tallinn-based Kask. It’s a release which sees the artist pump out some well-crafted jams that radiate with genuine vibrancy and fervour throughout, and as a result Periferia makes for one of the most promising label debuts we’ve heard in quite some time.

The music feels languid yet simultaneously determined; the title-track opener works its way into a truly sumptuous groove when it hits full swing and shows no signs of relenting once underway, yet the woozy, lethargic mood established remains intact for the entirety of its seven minute run. ‘Orion Cloud Complex’ immediately follows, Kask building the track up into a rhythmic frenzy with sampled vocals and blasting percussion galore, all in all creating something you’d struggle not to enjoy.

Things initially take a droney, ambient turn on the release’s latter half of tracks – ‘Untitled’ showcases Kask at his most ethereal, with its gorgeous synth pads and melodic trills lending it a sonically very rich quality that ranks right up there in terms of emotive dance music. On hand for the remix of the same track is fellow countryman Ajukaja, twisting the tune into his own separate vision that differs greatly from the original: with its twisted vocals and outlandish noises it could seriously be the soundtrack to some sort of heavy fever dream, but what a dream it would be with this as musical accompaniment.

The official release has been delayed but you can pre-order XK001 in vinyl and digital format here.

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