Rising from the ashes of their ATLAS radio show, Rosie Ama Cain and Nadia Anderson have been forging a darker path as Kiara Scuro. Reaching for EBM, wave, doom-laden electronics and moodier distillations of house, techno and electro, monthly broadcasts on Balamii and a place in the first wave of Dimensions Festival ‘DJ Directory’ inductees highlighted the London-based duo as ones to watch – it was only recently they featured alongside Legowelt for the London leg of ‘Get Down Early’, a new collaborative series between Dimensions and RBMA that sees household names warm up for an up-and-comer.

The major catalyst for their ever-increasing visibility, however, has to be an uncompromising approach to genre convention and fuck-off attitude underpinning everything they play. Ahead of joining Versatile Records founder Gilb’r for the debut edition of London knees-up Baltic, they’ve continued in that vein, picking out tracks that might have earnt problem child status had your parents caught you listening.

1. Friends Of Carlotta – Fingerfoc (Rosie)

Definitely NSFW. We honestly never thought we’d find an opportune moment to share this one with the world. Wicked German new beat track from 1990. Vulgar as you like.

2. DJ Deeon – Gimme Head (Rosie)

Wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include a Dance Mania release. To be fair, the whole discography could go in this playlist. The ghetto house master killing as per.

3. Willie Burns & DJ Overdose – Sonny and Ricardo Give Good Advice (Rosie)

A lesson every parent wants their young teenager to learn. Our friend Theo from Champagne Funk played this in a B2B with us a few years back and it destroyed the place. Naughty vocal, squelchy acid and a hefty bass line.

4. Constant Mongrel – Living In Excellence (Rosie)

Most of my teens were spent solidly listening to bands, but it’s been a bit more of a trying time for them to break through over the last few years. I reckon 2019 is the year though. Been loving this one on Anti Fade that came out at the end of last year – thrashy post-punk from Melbourne.

5. Helena Hauff & Morah – The Royal Game (Rosie)

Great collab between Greek producer Morah and Hauff on a wicked label out of Athens called Phormix. Love that thumping kick drum. Definitely one that would make my parents shout ‘turn that shit down’.

6. Enporion – Narcotic Influence (Nadia)

Amazing trance number from ‘96 on XL Recordings. The repetitive lyrics ‘giving them drugs taking their lives away’ are voiced by what I can only imagine would be a somewhat over-protective parent. Or perhaps yours are one of the cool bunch and this takes them to back to a more carefree life…

7. Fringe Society – God’s Children (Nadia)

What’s more badass than David Tennant cursing God? The sample is scathing and probably not something your parents would listen to at the dinner table. I love the track not only for it’s chuggy feel but also because the sample is taken from one of my favourite crime series Broadchurch. If you haven’t seen it, go watch.

8. Insekt – Bacteria (Nadia)

Insekt were made up of two members from early EBM bands Vomito Negro and Klinik. I love the gritty ominous guitar riff throughout, though I can imagine my mum asking me to turn down the ongoing screams of ‘bacteria’.

9. Human Performance Lab – Phantom (Nadia)

Aufnahme + wiedergabeI’s releases always deliver, this one is no different. I’ve played a number of Human Performance Lab’s tracks in our sets and they always bring the energy right up, but aren’t for the faint hearted. I can’t imagine this getting played at Big Fish Little Fish family rave.

10. Words and Actions – Omaggio a N. (Nadia)

One of many great releases from Berlin-based Detriti Records. This one came out last summer. I must admit I have no idea what the lyrics are saying as I don’t speak Italian, but together with the organ it’s both sexy and haunting.

Kiara Scuro join Gilb’r at Five Miles, London on February 8th – buy tickets here.

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