Soundofspeed call on the services of Lay-Far and Peter Oakden for their sixteenth release.

When names like Kuniyuki Takahashi, Aybee, DJ Nature and Cottam feature heavily in a label’s output, you know that organic tones and deep, jazzy grooves will be present in abundance. Keeping true to the label’s general aesthetic, the next up for Soundsofspeed is a collaboration between two producers well suited to a label with a seemingly insatiable appetite for groove.

‘Tea Cakes’ sounds like the bastard offspring of some marching tribal rhythms and a stirring Detroit deep house cut, imbued with some of those jazzy inflections we’ve come to expect from the Japanese label. Moving on and Lay-Far and Oakden don’t stray too far from the marching tempo on ‘Day 3’. More uplifting piano stabs lend a familiar nostalgic tone, but unlike the contemplative opener, it’s pretty clear this one has the dance floor in mind.

Last up is an incredibly tender slice of house brought to life by rising, ethereal strings while delicate piano softly dances over the composition, bringing an end to a three-track affair that displays a great capacity for writing engrossing, impassioned melodies.

The Two Days In May EP is out on Soundofspeed in February 2015.

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