A weekly rundown of mixes and radio shows we’ve been enjoying…

Nr. 85: Dynamo Dreesen (Acido)

Intoxicating and hypnotic transmissions direct from Switzerland’s ROOF.FM as Acido Records boss and SVN collaborator Dynamo Dreesen took to the digital airwaves to deliver a “wonderful mess” daubed in the hiss of a Sony tape deck.


Gilb’R on Red light Radio (16/1/18) 

Versatile Records head honcho Gilb’R relaying off-kilter selections from the edge of the cosmos on a recent edition of his Red Light Radio show. Space-age weirdness for adventurous ears.


Dimensions Mix 111 – The Exaltics

Incorporating additional FX, synth work and unreleased material, Solar One Music co-founder and modern electro luminary Robert Witschakowski, AKA The Exaltics, recently appeared on the Dimensions Festival mix series.


SSFB Mix Series #14: OKO DJ

Bathe your eardrums in some “laid-back psychedelic storytelling,” recorded for the Strange Sounds From Beyond mix series by LYL Radio Paris manager, BFDM affiliate and recent If-Only guest, OKO DJ.


Maoupa Mazzocchetti & Eindkrak – BETWEEN SEWAGE AND SEGWAY #2

Maoupa Mazzocchetti turns to fellow Unknown Precept artist Eindkrak – whose upcoming release on the label we covered recently – to guest on his monthly radio show.

In the words of Maoupa: “Created to turn away from conservatism and getting towards a past-embracing but always forward-looking music. Elastic music for elastic ears from Sewage to Segway.”

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