Once Jan Schulte introduced Danny P to the percussive stylings of LL/DJ, aka Kevin Lukacs, it was only a matter of time before the Bushes co-owner took matters into his own hands. Deciding that the heady, drum-heavy cut had to see the light of day, Danny approached Aiwo rec. co-founder and Salon Des Amateurs resident Lukacs with the view to putting it out. Evidently the rest is history, as the London-based collective’s newly formed label launches with three variations of ‘Ombu’, the track that started it all.

We open with the ‘Disco Mix’, but it isn’t very disco at all. It’s almost how you’d imagine Africaine 808 on a cocktail of acid and ketamine might sound – the sort of thing that makes you want to build a big fucking fire and dance around it, drum in hand. These are drum circle frequencies for the digital age. Discordant electronics congregate in the empty spaces between thumping kicks and the occasional lurch of bass, before spreading across the night sky like a light-trail of fluorescent LEDs; the pitter-patter of djembe and conga urging you into further delirium as we go through the motions. The short-lived ‘Breaks Mix’ follows, deploying loose breakbeats and stirring string samples, but it never quite reaches the same rapturous heights as its predecessor.

Lukacs steps things up a gear on the flip. In fact, it makes the A1 counterpart look like a village hall disco jam in comparison. In what might be this EP’s crowing moment, the ‘Zoto Mix’ rolls out virtually every cymbal and drum known to man in double-time. Claps that burst like machine-gun rounds and spring-loaded hi-hats come at you from all angles, and there’s nowhere to hide. This is the moment you take the drum, chuck it in the fire and rejoice in frenzy as its flames lick at the night sky. Things are getting primal in the Bushes.

Ombu is out now on Bushes – buy the vinyl from Juno (UK) or Disco Paradiso (EU).

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