Rocky outcrops flanked by vivid green flora; a bright sun glistening off the azure blue waters: this is the scene visitors are met with upon their arrival to the Spiaggia dei Francesi and the main inspiration behind the first proper release from Italian producer, Lock Eyes. Now residing in London, the self-proclaimed ‘dream house’ enthusiast makes his debut for In My Dreams, delivering four tracks that capture an essence of the lush vistas and the dramatic inclines that surround the bay.

Finding a home for his stirring constructions on the fledgling label, Arise sees Lock Eyes exhibit a capacity for moving both the body and soul and nowhere is that more apparent than the poignant slow-burner, ‘Gregtre’. A multi-layered synth excursion paired with a static, driving beat, the luminescent tenderness sets the tone for the rest of the EP. ’21 Le Fou 5′ follows in a similar vein – combining polyphonic, undulating melodies with a jacking hi hat line that remains rigid and lofty throughout, you’re instantly transported to the beach that captured his imagination so vividly. Just imagine perching on top of the craggy rocks that surround the Spiaggia dei Francesi while the afternoon sea breeze whistles through the trees and it all begins to make sense.

‘Part Of A’ isn’t a radical departure from its predecessors, but it focuses on zestier and more exuberant melodic work. Built around a syrupy two-note melody, the muted pad swells and punchy percussion provide a fitting accompaniment that again evokes images of sun-baked, stoney beaches and sparkling, tranquil waters. Subtly shifting its atmosphere but carefully keeping its centre in those effervescent textures, the soaring pads of ‘Contemplating In Bucksburn’ are set against another strapping framework, reflecting the stark contrast of elements found along the coastline of Northern Italy.

DREAMS002 is out now in 12″ format with a digital release due later this month. Buy the vinyl here.

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