Social distancing getting you down? Feel like you’re beginning to fray at the edges? ‘Locked In (Isolutions)’ is a week of iso-themed content, geared towards making yet another 7 days of stay-at-home mundanity that bit more bearable…

First up, London-based label-come-party starters Childsplay help kick things off, coming through with just the tonic for your lockdown woes. Many have been on a horticultural flex while stuck at home, but being 4/20, Cherry B encourages you to indulge a different kind of green thumb.


1. Stay healthy w/ Spam Sliders

The most important thing 2 keep in mind during lockdown is 2 START UR DAY OFF RITE. It’s easy 2 have an unproductive day so make sure to slide in2 ur best pair of pants and fix urself up some spam sliders.

30% baguette
20% spring onion
20% egg
30% spam
320% fun

Cook, assemble, eat.


2. Get in touch w/ ur emotions listening to ‘Trancemaster Volumes 1-7’

Every 4/20 needs a soundtrack. Something calming. But life-affirming at the same time. Something that has a means to it’s end, but also an end to the mean’s. Something that seems like a cuddle at first until there’s a pinky tingling your deepest desires inside your anus.

Lucky 4 u all of the Trancemaster series are awaiting you in full on youtube… what r u waiting for?? Personal fave is 6 but ur in 4 a treat the whole way thru bbz.


3. Watch ‘Repo Man’

What is a 4/20 without passing out on the couch with a classic film that you don’t finish or remember?? Objectively the greatest film of all time to get super stoned 2, use your google skills and get this one on the easiest-2-use electronic device available. Pls try stay awake til the end u mongs we promise it’s worth it ;))


4. Listen to Childsplay’s 420 Spotify playlist 

Some tunez 2 soundtrack being a lonely Canadian stoner or like idk if u like smoking super dank ku$h generally.



What is a weed without 4/20? Lol idk i’m high, follow these tips and have fun every1!!

Vigile’s IN2DEEP EP is out now on Childsplay | Get it here

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