“…it was a lot cheaper than tiles”

Most people roof their sheds with asphalt or metal, but not Mike Johnson. No, the Cambridge resident clearly isn’t one for convention, using a heap of secondhand vinyl to re-shingle his. We’d heard of people collecting with no intention of listening, instead using the sleeves as decoration, but this takes the vinyl resurgence to new heights (pun not intended).

Bought at a local charity shop for £70, it took Johnson a couple of days to turn the 200 records into his makeshift roof. With no more than a hammer, nails and a a gas cooker used to heat the records until they were malleable enough to bend, almost anyone could have a go at doing something similar. At this rate, it’s only so long before we see a house made of 12″s on Grand Designs.

Watch a video about the vinyl shed via the BBC website.

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