Aurore Dexmier, AKA Miley Serious, navigates her role as label owner, DJ and radio host with a DIY ethos and fuck-off attitude. In the tradition of subversive and often anarchic counter-culture movements, the Rinse France regular and 99cts RCRDS founder peddles tapes and zines echoing punk values you can trace back to the squats and art schools of the late ’70s.

Assaulting eardrums with industrial-tinged electronics, gnarled acid and tape-damaged electro, the unfettered genres she champions also embody this spirit, but none quite as closely as post-punk. Dexmier’s musical journey began as a teen playing in local punk and garage bands, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that elements of those early experiences pervade what she does today. Ahead of bringing some of that disruptive energy to Corsica Studios for Find Me In The Dark’s 5th birthday, here’s a playlist highlighting some of her favourite contemporary manifestations of post-punk culture.

1. Elements of Joy – In every man.

Elements of joy is the alias of UVB. This EP is the perfect example of what it takes to get a post-punk guitar lover moving into electronic post-punk. Not really EBM not really industrial, it’s the perfect shape for the evolution of post-punk. It was out on tapes on his own label first  in 2016 and now out on vinyl on Brokntoys.

2. Techno Thriller – Vaste Nuit.

Techno Thriller has been an obsession for two years, it was exactly what I wanted to listen to, there is a garage side that I like, this post-punk romance is present but there is also the dampness of a club. There has always been a strong punk/garage/post-punk scene in Belgium and it just gets more incredible over and over again.

3. Ivy’s Hands – Disrespectful Youth

Released a year ago on the label Out of Order, this album You fight with your brothers, You Die With Your Brothers is one of the tapes that I have and that I like the most. Representative of the richness of the emerging scene of this type of music. I hate the term EBM and when I listen to it I see more people with a ton of influences than this elitist side of the genre. Ivy’s hand is good, very very good!

4. Locked Club – Acid Supremacy

Locked Club is one of the project to follow recently, all the things they do are so good and they are released on my favourite record label, TRAM Planet Records. I remember when they sent me the masters of this release, I was like wow, that’s exactly what I want and also the perfect mix of all my influences.

5. TYVYT IYTYI – Crashing

I do not know anything about this artist, but this release made me danced so much. We will name this indus EBM electronic blah, blah… But I just imagine my little punk friends enjoying it and dancing on it.

6. Vincenzo Maurice – Dysfunctional Mess

The transposition of the post-punk romance in one ‘electronic’ track. The voice, the melody and this sensuality…

7. Poison point – Silver Diver

A band that I discovered few weeks ago and are coming with something new soon if I’m not wrong! I love this track, it makes me think of ADULT or Madinkà, a band that I loved when I was a teenager. This touch more cold wave works for me. Every time.

8. Daniel Holt – Floating Mansions

All that Daniel Holt is doing is great. I am very inspired by his influences and all his references. I put this one but you have to check everything (specially his mix for layers) and wait for the forthcoming things… It’s just the best evolution of this culture and about all the sides of it.

9. Ole Mic Odd – Toothless 

The second release of my label, 99CTS RCRDS. Ole Mic Odd produces so many good things! When he sent me these tracks, it was obvious that yes, I was going to put them out! It was the sound I wanted for my label and once again it’s the perfect representation of the energy of the scene right now.

10. LITOVSK – s/t LP

Let’s stop laughing now. Here is my favourite post-punk band, it’s French, it comes from Brest, they do not play anymore but here is the best post-punk band ever ever ever, for real. Listen to the whole album.

Miley Serious joins CEM, Andrea, Sol Ortega and others for the Find Me In The Dark 5th birthday on November 10th – buy tickets here.

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