Now here be some business. Percussionist and producer hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Mischa Lively simply wants MORE: more knocks, more buzzing, more lushness, and some more of that. Fittingly, More is the title of his impending record on newly-established New Love Unlimited imprint, a platform which seeks to hand-in-hand push musical creativity and social change forward.

A deliciously varied collection of home-recorded percussive workouts and chirpy electronics, the record remains consistently frenetic yet grounded, with a buoyant playfulness about its main mission to get the listener wiggling out their office chair. Take A2’s ‘Pain In the Vein’, a track somewhere in the sweet spot of buzzy electro-bass mastery and reckless found-sound abandon.

More is out October 18th on New Love Unlimited – pre-order here

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