Part of a vibrant community of artists connected to Glasgow’s Green Door Studio, Thomas Clarke aka  MR TC first appeared on our radar with a pair of EPs via Optimo Music. Combining analogue constructions with live instrumentation, the Luxembourg native takes his cues from an adolescence spent fascinated with psyche and krautrock and can regularly be found at the Art School, reaching for leftfield strains of disco, house and techno alongside various other oddities. With London promoters These Days bringing his Night of the Jaguar party down to London for the first time this weekend, Clarke has picked out a few tracks he’s been playing lately in the “warm-up”.

Listen to the sound of MR TC…

MR TC plays Night of the Jaguar on February 10th alongside Letherette and Metal (Teeth of the Sea) at Mirth, Marvel & Maud, London – buy tickets here.

[Listen to tracks 2 – 10 via the playlist above]

1. Luxos – Vihreä Ovi

This is one from Glasgow, Daniel who plays in the MR TC live band and also makes music as Lo Kindre and Maria aka Cucina Povera combine to make the incredible Luxos. This came out as part of the first Huntley’s + Palmers ‘Clyde Built’ compilation and rumour has it will be seeing the light of day through another release in the near future. It’s perfect, atmospheric, trippy, building and driving. Another great recording from Green Door Studio.

2. Patrick Cowley – Somebody to Love Tonight

A slow cosmic funky groover from the master. You can’t help getting happier when you hear this track.

3. Marie – Marterphfal

This came out on Spacelex’s new Eine Welt label on a compilation of the same name. This is Marie’s only released music so far. I can’t wait to hear what comes next. I just love how this sounds and the atmosphere it evokes. Dark, gritty, heady tension builder.

4. Codek – Tim Toum

An amazing and obscure piece of afro/alternative electronic funk from 1981 originally release on West African Music then Island Records.

5. Insanlar – Kime Ne 

This is a live recording of Baris K’s band playing at mini muzikhol in Istanbul. It’s a 24 minute psychedelic epic of slow Turkish dark disco using traditional instrumentation with synthesisers and drum machines. Totally incredible and an amazing tone-setter. 

6. Maria Rita Stumpf – Cântico Brasileiro No.3 (Kamaiurá)

I’d also play this right in the middle of a night. I love this recording so much. Pan flutes and hand percussion play on top of a bass synth with Maria’s incredibly powerful traditional singing. Another great tone-setter.  

7. Pussy Mothers – Get From In Front of Me 

Another one from friends. This is Hannan and Murray who both also play in a band called Groan Vessel with me. Their first release as Pussy Mothers came out on Optimo Music last year and the whole thing is great. Chasing percussions, Vocal athletics, Hand claps, Disco junk funk, Early hip-hop rhythms. 

8. Sordid Sound System – Golden Pudel 

Sordid Sound System is Stu Evans who co-runs Green Door Studio. His first two records on Invisible Inc are both amazing and the next one that’s coming out soon is also top! 

9. Ghost Note – Holy Jungle 

I can’t remember where I first heard this one but I’ve been playing it ever since. It’s got a great sample from Jodorowsky’s ‘The Holy Mountain’. psychedelic jungle sounds and afro percussion slowly build things up and then when that guitar comes in everything moves to another level.  

10. 40 Thieves – Theme From Nutrider

This is another track that takes things up a step. One for the moment the dancefloor starts to really come together. Just great.

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