Defined by the slogan “giving overlooked and unreleased music that we love a second chance,” Music From Memory have taken the reissue game to new heights. The Dutch imprint has been prolific of late, remastering and repackaging sounds as disparate as Venetian ambient compositions and Japanese dream pop, with any plaudits coming their way well-deserved.

Above board and setting out to deliver a product of the highest quality, there’s a reason MFM have diggers and collectors eagerly anticipating their next move. If it wasn’t already obvious, the label’s unrivalled curation has also played its part and their next offering is set to maintain the high standards we’ve come to expect.

Originally recorded in 1989, the four tracks selected serve as a window into the world of Workdub, a short-lived industrial duo comprised of Virgil Work Jr. and Nic Georgieff. Operating out of St. Louis, Illinois, their lush, synth-led excursions served as a meeting point for the metallic, brutalist timbres of industrial music and their captivating textures that veer between the ominous and the serene from track to track.

The 12″ is due “in the next couple of months”, so keep an eye on the Music From Memory Facebook page for further updates.

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