Mental Groove subsidiary Musique Pour La Danse have announced the release of an elusive Coil soundtrack, written for 1992 sexual education documentary, The Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex. Hitting the shelves for the first time, the previously-unreleased OST will be available in limited vinyl, digipack CD and digital formats.

It’s well-documented that the industrial pioneers dabbled in soundtracks, including a rejected OST for Clive Barker’s iconic horror flick, Hellraiser, but even the most ardent fans would be forgiven for missing this one. Written by John Balance, Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson and Danny Hyde, the Balearic stylings are worlds apart from the sound manipulation and pagan sensibility they’re best known for – quoting co-founder Balance, it’s a “slightly new agey, progressive house type thing.”

Taken from the original masters, the 6-track release will feature a new “sexy” edit of the main theme, along with a pair of “radically reworked” cuts originally featured on the CD-only album, Stolen And Contaminated Songs.

The Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex is out soon on Musique Pour La Danse – pre-order here.

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