Handing debuts to D.Tiffany (aka Sophie Sweetland), Lnrdcry and Via App, while welcoming more established names like Max McFerren and Keita Sano into the fold, 1080p have marked their territory as crucial propagators of high-quality electronic music from Canada and further beyond. At times it can actually prove difficult to keep on top of what’s coming out. That’s just testament to their hard work, however, pushing everything from new age house and iridescent jungle to drone and ambient.

Music for weirdos and inquisitive ears, the Vancouver-based label entered its third year outlining an intention to take things to even greater heights with a slew of top-notch releases. No strangers to a free download either, Richard MacFarlane and Co. have decided to give something back to the fans. Well, a little more than something. To mark three years of 1080p, the entire digital back catalogue has been made available on a ‘name your price’ offer for one day only. Yes, you heard it right. That’s everything they’ve ever released. Talk about generous!

You can browse the 1080p back catalogue here. This is a one-day offer, so don’t sleep!

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