Much of the Mister Saturday Night output has a quality I can only liken to the vinyl equivalent of leaving celluloid film in direct sunlight. Releasing music that’s often grainy and sun-bleached, atmosphere seems to be a prerequisite when you put out a record with Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin. One man that buys into that aesthetic is Nathan Melja, a blossoming French producer returning to the label with an effort that delves a little deeper than its predecessor.

Miles from the burly brickwork of kicks and unyielding basslines heard on Steady Mobbin’, ‘Leo Draws’ is punctuated by the depth of its emotion. The vocals are indecipherable, but there’s something profoundly moving within the track’s glowing, dusty core. ‘If You Can Dance Then Rave On It’ on the other hand is just as insistent as its title suggests — the dramatic switch in mood indicative of a talent that isn’t confined by strict boundaries or genre convention. All driving percussion and bubbling grooves, it hits pretty hard following the stirring charms of the title track.

Propelled by a punchy framework, Melja lays down a thin mist of white noise that serves as the bedrock for ‘Expe 12’. It’s skeletal and drained of colour, but dampened textures and a wandering bassline illuminate the track until it glows with an elegiac hue. Pretty appropriate for a guy that used to man the lights at the label’s world-renowned parties.

Leo Draws is out in digital format and available from Boomkat. Pre-order the vinyl here.

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