Announcing himself to the world with appearances on the Gnork-owned Blorp label, No Moon put his Yamaha SY-22 through its paces over 3 tracks with synth swells that spread as wide as the horizon. The beauty found in the melodic flourishes is juxtaposed nicely by strapping drum patterns, which in turn almost mirror the incredible views outer-space can offer in contrast to the harsh conditions found above our insulating atmosphere. Daubed in tape hiss and set for release on London’s X-Kalay, the latest effort injects the same starfaring palette with a dose of lo-fi saturation. Before the drop of that second full release, the Mancunian has agreed to lead us on a voyage through the starry cosmos, beyond the event horizon and into a place where concepts like time and space cease to exist.

Nothing Else Matters is out January 6th on X-Kalay – pre-order it here.

1. Andrea – Floating

Generally enjoy everything that Ilian Tape put out, but this was a particular highlight for me. Often in this kind of super ambient music there is actually quite a lot going on, background noises, different instruments. But in this track Andrea has just absolutely killed it with the pads that nothing else is necessary. Even if the track consisted of only that first chord, I would still love it.

2. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Kids Two

Ticks a lot of the same boxes as the last track, but from a bit more of an uplifting perspective. Its not quite my favourite piece from this soundtrack but thought it was most appropriate here as it makes me imagine setting off on some kind of mission against all odds.

3. Regelbau – Sun And Steel (Timeman & C.K.’s part II)

A little bit more percussive with this one, but still just feeling the peacefulness off space. Cool that there is some kind of human/vocal element in this as well whilst staying basically as an instrumental. Makes it feel a bit more personal without actually drawing your attention with any lyrics.

4. Gnork – You Are Totally

This was the first Gnork track I came across and is still my favourite one. That echoey lead with the bassline is just perfect – absolute space travel essential.

5. Douala – Untitled 1

This is probably my favourite track from all the Blorp releases. For me it really captures the aesthetic that a lot of producers (myself included) seem to have been going for the last couple of years… Strong driving drum groove, but then totally spaced out from the pads.

6. Oneiric – Blue Envelope – Oneiric

The whole EP is amazing but Blue Envelope in particular fits so well with this spacey aesthetic. My first thoughts when I heard this was that it sounds like Gnork got transported back in time to 92. If only I had a spare £50…

7. Lnrdcroy – Freedom for Antboy II

So much brilliant music of late from Lnrdcroy, but this slightly lesser appreciated one from last year is still my favourite from him. Always think that initial bitcrushed bass sound sounds like a robot snoring, probably having some insane dreams as it drifts through space in hibernation. 

8. Synkro – To Be

Synkro has always been one of my favourite producers so had to include one from him. Has that semi-lyrical aspect to it that I mentioned before, and an epic feel from the bass. But I’m focused mostly on those amazing arps. Would 100% listen if I was floating through space. 

9. Xamiga – MidwestDR660Soup

This Xosar/Legowelt collab feels to me much more retrospective, as opposed to dreaming of the future. Getting to the end of the space journey this one feels right…

10. Voiski – In A Straight Line

Something a bit more driving to finish on. Voiski can definitely go in pretty hard, but my favourite thing about his music is those huge pads that he likes to use. Great example of his slightly lighter side.

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