As curating archival releases go, few have been doing it as well as STROOM founder Ziggy Devriendt, AKA Nosedrip. Label owner, DJ, digger supreme; those are just a few superlatives that spring to mind when thinking the ‘face’ (he’s never been too keen on showing his mug in any promo) behind the Ostend-based powerhouse.

Rolling out everything from Belgian ambient to Latvian art-pop, the label has been nothing short of prolific, and their next outing, released in collaboration with Myanmar-based imprint Forced Nostalgia, takes a deep dive into the mesmeric post-punk stylings of Scottish duo, VAZZ. To mark the occasion, Devriendt continues a long-standing love-hate relationship (these days, emphasis on the love) with the guitar to compile this bumper 33-track playlist.

“Short-cornered, I really hated guitars and everyone who played one when I was a teenager. Growing up in a coastal Belgian town I got exposed to 4 types of guitar people:

– Hardcore/punk straight-edgers wearing skinny jeans and tote bags.
– Hemp brown/khaki wearing dudes and damsels joining you at bonfires or social circles on the beach in summer conjuring up acoustic guitars out of nowhere to play covers of Bob Marley or Jack Johnson.
– Schooled musicians who were into fusion jazz using the word “tight” & “groove” when describing “jams” & “sessions”
– My dad (To be honest I never hated my dad)

So yeah, guitar faces have been serious deal-breakers and I’ve consciously been avoiding people who play the instrument ever since.

That emotion got less fixed when I reached my 20s and in 2012, when I picked up a split LP by VAZZ & La Bambola Del Dr Caligari on Forced Nostalgia featuring a track called ‘Cast Reflections’ – it really opened and changed my vision on guitars on one side and dance music on the other! Being able to release a second VAZZ LP together with Fre from Forced Nostalgia featuring tracks like ‘Cast Reflections’, ‘Endless Road’, ‘Flute Dance’ and ‘Want Of Anger’ closes mental circles and generates a huge feeling of pride, on a personal level! Check it out because it’s really good, I think. Now, I leave no opportunity unchecked to play tracks involving guitars out in clubs and/or DJ sets for the “organic” vibe it creates when it’s squeezed in between electronic music.

Here are 33 tracks with a prominent guitar involved that I love to play out! An ode to the guitar and everyone who plays one. Sorry for the hate, 10 years ago!”

1. Tones On Tail – Twist

“Man and moon plays a melody,
That you can’t forget, so remember me,
Twist with tomorrow’s man and me,
Twist with tomorrow’s man and me,
Twist with tomorrow’s man and me…”

2. Din A Testbild – Going Tutu

Going Tutu!

3. Chromosome – Makhtub (shouts to: Samy Birnbach)

Out to the Romano crew for driving me to pick up a physical copy 4 months ago!

4. Nina Harker – Idaho Sief

A real dancefloor inverter!

5. Javier Segura – Multitud Y Policion (shouts to: Discos Paradiso crew)

Dark Tenerife vibes!

6. Hypnobeat – Sumatra Railway (shouts to: Interstellar Funk)

Drumbox/guitar combo beauty out on Artificial Dance.

7. Surprize – In Movimento

8. Ruins – Elegant Shout (shouts to:  Tako)

I could’ve written the exact same story about this track and mentioning Tako who gave it to me on a stick a few years ago! When I play this one out, there is a 200% chance I’m having a good time! It features on Occasional Visits, a valentines EP we released on STROOM earlier this year.

9. W.A.T. – Ivanhoe

Maybe too early to announce but STROOM will be working with their catalog in the next 12 months, or possibly the following year!

10. Purpur Spytt – Poor Creatures That We Are

Right?! Another winner on Le Syndicat Des Scorpions!

11. Nagamatzu – Muslin

Extremely cold and emotional and beautiful!

12. BGM – Membership Card

Fav Japanese wave track to this day!

13. Baroque Bordello – Today

Is she singing “All you see of me?”

14. Siglo XX – Individuality

Maybe the best Belgian new wave track ever?

15. Mam – Maternité

“Mom, do you remember the first time I ate a cheese sandwich?”

Existential questions in the life of Tom America!

16. Lister – The Bugaloo

17. 23 Skidoo – Last Words

Great UK post-punk track!

18. Mag And The Suspects – Erection

Appreciating emotions and the presence of guitars in songs!

19. Delta 5 – Now That You’ve Gone

When the set is not really working, this one doesn’t do the trick! <3

20. Thick Pigeon – Crime

The guitar face on this one is prob over-present when played live.

21. Neuropolitique – Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?

IDM post-punk from ’95!

22. Polyrock – Your Dragging Feet

Once heard Vladimir Ivkovic play while I was on the dancefloor. The romantic in me would say I never really left.

23. The Roman Index – Burn Those Books

“Fuck school” – Big Pun

24. For Against – Fate (shouts to: Aroh)

“One out of ten will be just like me,
One out of ten it is very likely,
What he’d say?
This is fatal…”

25. Pression Fun – No Day

What I should have heard when I was a teenager in Ostend.

26. Organized Pleasure – Tropical Stumble

This will be part of a STROOM split 7″ (STR7-034) announced later this month!

27. Sad Lovers And Giants – Seven Kinds Of Sin

“Seven times I’ve heard my conscience cry,
I’ve never worked out why I need to live this tainted life…”

28. Section 25 – Be Brave

“Oh happiness, you always make me laugh”

29. Altered Images – Think That It Might (shouts to: Charlie Bones)

I heard this version first on a Do!You!! breakfast show! <3

30. Cocteau Twins – In Our Angelhood

Prob the main reason why I want to have a drop top one day!

31. Jeunesse D’Ivoire – A Gift Of Tears

Don’t understand a word from the lyrics but <3

32. After The Tides – Witches And Fools

Perfect Belgian amateur stuff!

33. Jean Conflict – Hunters

Out to The Third Ear record store for the repress on this one!

Cloud Over Maroma is out October 16th on STROOM/Forced Nostalgia – pre-order here.

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