If you can judge a person by the company they keep, Marine Torjmann, AKA OKO DJ, is one of the soundest people around. Heading up the Parisian arm of one of the best independent radio stations on the internet (among their residents they boast Early Sounds Recordings, Börft and Klasse Wrecks), Marine is also tight with the crews BFDM and Bruits De La Passion, carving a reputation as an idiosyncratic, potent DJ.

Her own show on LYL, the fantastic Pu$$y Nightmare, brings strictly female guests to the air with an astonishing, nuanced range of music being played. Tripping easily between heavy-eyed ambient, tense industrial and doom, breaks, house, juke, synth, post-punk, afro, deep digs and forthcoming releases… Indeed it seems her shows are governed simply by a sincere fascination with music, as mentioned in this interview she gave following her esteemed performance at DT Camp 2017 – “I don’t consider myself as a “crate-digger”. I just play what I like and what moves me, and what I think can touch the crowd in a precise moment”.

She comes to the UK for the first time, adding considerable heft to our lineup at Bar A Bar on 2nd December – the remaining tickets are available here (cheap tickets almost done). Also appearing on the night is Klasse Wrecks’ Mr. Ho and Neubau’s Heap, engaging in a rare back-to-back. More info and announcements can be found on Facebook.

1. Nightmare Lodge – The hunting Animal

Discovered this one when my friend Low Bat played it during our B2B at Camp Cosmic this summer! Interesting since it’s one of the few tracks from this Italian industrial band that are not aggressive, it’s actually super trancey and psychedelic: perfect soundtrack to go on a slow boat ride on the Styx…

2. Ginnungagap – Duel Ravens

A magical drone and experimental track from this project involving master Stephen O’Malley. The delicate mystical and devotional side is perfectly balanced by this feeling of entering an inhuman realm of dark abstraction.

3. Dark Star – 90 Days

This massive downtempo track from a German tape of 1990 is also a recent discovery, slow, sleazy and brilliant! The whole tape is definitely worth checking out.

4. Guice – Murder on They Minds

One of my hip hop favs by Guice, half of the legendary underground rap duo Snubnoze. Rampant, aggressive and proper gangsta tune!

5. Gum Takes Tooth – Tannkjøtt

First time I heard music from them was live, at Villette Sonic festival in Paris a couple of years ago, and I got crazy. Two English dudes kicking the shit out of the drums and machines to create a super unexpected acid-metal-dance-ritualistic-wtf music. This is my ultimate dancefloor/metal burner, extreme opposite of the bucolic discoveries from my friends The Pilotwings!

6. Happy Halloween – Them

Deutsch ’80s post punk to its finest, gritty guitars, hazy vocals, and uncomfortable atmosphere all along.

7. EVA808 – Loner

One my my latest arrived records. Super heavy atmosphere, sick blend between metal and electronics, dubstep to steppa rhythmics, even Darth Vader would stay away from this fuckin tune.

8. Collectionism – The Side-Effect

Dub-industrial track from an ’80s German tape that’s not to miss. The lullaby-like synths and the vocals are deliciously creepy, such a trip!

9. Bones – ArtesianWater

Probably my favourite track from amazing producer, Bones, I actually played it in so many sets that it had to be in the playlist haha! This dude is bringing so much new and fresh air to the trap scene, when goth meets trap, there is nothing left to wish for!

10. Glass Figure – Arpegiozo

Banger doomed-electro track from French duo Glass Figure, that I’ve been playing for a little while now. Cheers to my friend Charles from Nocta Numerica for putting this one out. It captures all the essence of SM music, black leather and shamanic beats!

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