Pelada made some serious waves with their debut LP. An electrified fusion of punk sensibility and club-ready propulsion, Movimiento Para Cambio was the collision of two fairly disparate sonic worlds as Montreal-based artists Chris Vargas and Tobias Rochman collaborated for the first time since 2016.

Laying politically-charged vocals over searing 303s, dembow rhythms and swathes of iridescent synth, the 9-tracker “explores themes of power, identity, surveillance and environmental justice.” It’s the byproduct of a chance meeting after Vargas’ electronic industrial band shared the bill with Rochman’s solo project, and has since graced end of year lists while standing out as one of the finest PAN releases in recent memory.

Politics to pandemics, it’s hard to stay informed without feeling utterly despondent right now, but fear not, Pelada have just the tonic. Self-isolating or getting ready to brave the dance, this playlist is for you.

Copy Written by Tobias:

1. Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper

This is the intro to a TV movie-of-the-week adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ I used to watch as a kid. The opening scene is after the viral pandemic has left everyone trying to control the virus dead but it’s also a positive underlying message due to the songs lyrics.

2. DJ Buzz Fuzz – Ill Behaviour

Some Classic Belgian Hardcore. We’re sitting in a hotel room in Belgium right now so it seemed fitting. “Ill” is a slang term for “sick” which means cool but in this case it’s a play on words.

3. Gab – You Better Watch Yourself

Always just good advice. Wash those hands people.

4. Lemon D – Toxic Rhythm

We love Lemon D usually in a DJ set we’d play ‘Manhattan Melody’ but we watched to stick to the theme.

5. Si Begg – Sick And Tired Of The Bullshit

This is from the DISCWOMAN Compilation ‘PHYSICALLY SICK VOLUME 2’ which we appeared on raising money for the Brooklyn Bail Fund which is an organisation which pays cash bail to prisoners in the U.S. who are stuck in jail simply because they can’t cover their bail. It’s a predatory practice we oppose as it’s unfairly targets the poor and disadvantaged, and it allows those with the means to be above the law and buy their freedom. There shouldn’t be two sets of rules for different social classes. This is why we believe cash bail should be ended.

6. Toxic – Brittney Spears (Karaoke Version)

We thought it would be funny if the playlist was interactive and the viewer had to participate by singing the words “I AM TOXIC.”

7. Critical Mass – Believe In The Future

The optimism of happy hardcore is a weapon against cynicism and fear which can be used in difficult times to bolster courage.

8. Johnny L – Uneasy

We love the classic XL Recordings catalogue. We figured since this the first time playing in the UK it would be fitting to include some of your kin.

9. DJ Waxweazle & Guitar Rob – Feelin’ Hot

Normally when you would say “I’m feeling hot” it could imply that you feel sexy or ready to party however in this instance you should probably go get tested or self-quarantine.

10. Daddy Yankee feat. Voltio (Los Homerun es) – No Te Cances, El Funeral 

This one roughly translates to: “Even at our funerals you should keep dancing.”

11. Outbreak (1995) – ‘The Virus is Airborne Scene’ 

There is something very calming about Morgan Freeman’s baritone. This is just another attempt to capture the zeitgeist.

Pelada, Inga Mauer, Josh Cheon and Violet play Cabin Fever (20th March) at The Cause, London | Buy tickets here

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