Wide open spaces proved the main source of inspiration for Perila‘s Paralaxe Editions debut. Where Irer Dent joined dots between sensuous ASMR and drifting ambience, her latest effort gives field recordings gathered hiking in the Georgian wilderness similar treatment. Leaning into natural rhythms found within the recordings, META DOOR L zeroes in on the organic and inorganic, with particular attention paid to the “unique properties of metal.”

Following tapes from the likes of ELLLL, Beatrice Dillion and Rupert Clervaux, these were big shoes to fill. The Berlin-based Russian artist certainly met our lofty expectations with an incredibly immersive listen, but she hasn’t stopped there, extending those qualities to this transportive playlist.


“As we are all experiencing lockdown again I wanted to pick the tracks which give you a feeling of being somewhere else. I was thinking about forests and vast valleys. These tracks I chose are so deep that when laying on the floor in your room you can really travel in time and space and it’s just a cool thing to do to shift the reality a bit as well as its good for your back. Just wanted to share some supporting moods and vibes while we are all having full life exposure within four walls. Also it’s just my favourite vibe of immersive sound baths. Music hug.”



1. Pontiac Streator – Triz Cohors pt.3

This track is such a healer. Sounds of far away dream lands makes you travel in space and hissing textures give a feeling of being on the road or in a cave. Very patting soundscapes. This piece makes you engage deep in it so when it finishes you wanna hit the repeat button to continue the drift. Moody beauty.

2. Dots – Spinout Segment

Moody spaced out music is perfect to imagine yourself lying in the middle of the valley in the forest under the night sky observing shooting stars.

3. 154 – Apricot

Eternal classic and sound companion through years. The flow is utopian and timeless.

4. DJ Paradise – Ssumo

Warmest sound bath to get cosy on the floor and dissolve in the textural moss of this dream land by Shy.

5. Xth Réflexion – 05-06 4

This track is pretty special. It has this on the one hand loopy trance energy while at the same time gives a feeling of a bright start of some new chapter or trip. Also just sounds amazing when loud in a room as it fills the whole space with a haunted but mesmerising vibe. It’s funny that it doesn’t change or evolve for 9 minutes but it gives a feeling that something is about to start till the end.

6. Harold Budd, Cocteau Twins – Memory Gongs

I mean this is just a track to be born, reborn and die. Been on so many repeats during these unstable times as it just sounds like you are on a different planet or in a perfect dream. Definitely worth trying to close your eyes and travel elevating from the floor.

7. DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo – Mu-Chu

This one is just the warmest and kindest tune. Whole track feels like taking a bubble bath or floating on a surface of calm waters at night.

8. Markus Guentner – Untitled 06

This track makes me cry as it gives so much hope and light. Feels like rocking on big ocean waves. Big floor energy.

9. Gi Gi – sown spirit II

This is a perfect floor track no doubt. It takes you on a journey driving through the desert alone at night. Very tripped out but so appealing. The transitions between parts are so immersive and engaging. Very complete piece.

10. Tarentel – Latency

A Track to disappear completely. It’s pretty emotional but the way it pans and floats is somehow very soothing. It’s a very beautiful and deep track to be absorbed while on the floor and maybe have a little nap while listening.

META DOOR L is out now on Parallax Editions | Pre-order here

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