IVVVO‘s music is a reflection of the times we live in; an experimental and pensive vision, immersed in haunting melancholy and his own personal angst. Borrowing sounds from antiquated gaming systems and having his music played at Raf Simons runway shows, it’s as if he’s a sponge, soaking up sensationalist headlines and pop culture, chewing everything up before spitting it out warped and stricken with trepidation.

Leaving an impression on the cultural zeitgeist while simultaneously existing in a constant sense of fear over what the future holds must take its toll. Laced with tension and bearing synth work not too dissimilar to the trance pointillism of Lorenzo Senni’s Persona, a new release on London’s Nyx Unchained entitled Prince of Grunge is suspended in the fragile emotional state of self-reflection. Continuing with the themes of rave nostalgia – albeit voyeuristic and experienced through the medium of YouTube – that define much of his output, this genre-colliding mix goes some way to showing the breadth of IVVVO’s sound.

Prince of Grunge is out now on Nyx Unchained – buy it direct from the label.

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