Lutto Lento‘s music is invariably idiosyncratic, retaining an experimental edge from early cassettes on Polish label Sangoplasmo Records all the way to last year’s debut LP, Dark Secret World. The esoteric collage of machine funk, ambient, drone, IDM and mutant dancehall folded in tropes of UK dance music, however, it’s the ominous tone and endearing quirkiness, provided by vocal samples and playful detailing reminiscent of musique concrète, that sets the album apart from music of a similar ilk. Also co-running DUNNO Recordings, the Polish experimentalist’s similarly outlandish curation oscillates between challenging avant-garde, offbeat synth-pop and kaleidoscopic downtempo effortlessly.

Much of his output informed by a fascination with Jamaican sound processing techniques rooted in the genesis of dub, it’s hardly surprising that Lutto Lento is often drawn to sounds of British origin, specifically jungle. It’s a quality also pervading his mix, from track selection to a recording made in the back of a London cab while a friend explained the pitfalls of visiting Ibiza in 2018.

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