Music drawing together influences from varyingly esoteric sounds always runs the risk of taking itself too seriously, but there’s a charming playfulness to River Yarra‘s Antinote debut that has little interest in chin-scratching. Lucky Boy‘s liner notes make a tongue-in-cheek reference to Brian Eno’s seminal Music For Airports, suggesting the four-tracker could be the Australian’s answer for the digital age, a “Music for Social Medias,” while the vocal sample on ‘Respiration alternée avec Elen Huynh’ supposedly resembles the dodgy translation of a meditation tutorial. Hardly words intended to be taken on face-value, but they set the tone for a release fusing pastoral meanderings and an exotica vibe with a real sense of fun.

Assisting Antinote founder Zaltan with the day-to-day running of the label, the Australian-born, Paris-based producer recently launched an imprint of his own, Super Utu. Only one release deep and the curation of the latter suggests an ear honed and mature beyond its years. A quality reflected in his mixes, following the bush dance-meets-kosmische journey that prompted us to reach out, this balmy, transportive and ritualistic journey is perfectly suited to take your mind off the impending winter.

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