Intrepid explorers of the hardcore continuum past, present and future, they might take their name from the galaxy group we inhabit, but Local Group are odds-on to discover some long-forgotten warehouse ordnance before a new cluster of stars. Hardcore, UK garage, jungle or drum & bass, the London-based duo comprised of Corporeal Face and LMajor have continued to carry the torch for UK rave culture when many deemed it unfashionable.

Paying homage to one of the stages at Field Maneuvers, a festival where they share ‘residents’ status with the likes of Mark Archer and Elena Colombi, a debut on Ritual Poison made some serious waves. The Laser Dome EP might harken back to the ecstasy-fuelled Second Summer of Love, but one foot is planted firmly in the present. It bears similarities with their mix, where hardcore, UKG and breakbeat sounds of old mingle with new material, including a contribution to the next Secret Rave 12″ on Art-Aud, forthcoming tracks from their individual personas and the taste of an impending Ritual Poison release by a rave legend operating under a new alias.

Local Group host a ‘Drivetime Christmas Pre-Party’ at Rye Wax on Friday November 23rd – find out more here.

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