When Parker Harris started out, he was known for playing a brand feel-good house in-keeping with the idyllic backdrop of his native Altadena, California. It wasn’t long though before he assumed the alias P Relief, sharing a Dublab show and rehearsal space with regular partner-in-crime Suzanne Kraft. The palette has since shifted into comparatively rarefied territory, but in the words of Harris himself, it “started as a joke and will always be slightly impish,” with his Dublab show Kinda reflecting a similar playfulness in its curation.

Pedelling “deep esoteric bizniz,” the launch of P & D Records with Suzanne Kraft saw some of Harris’ own music materialise for the first time, and he’s featured on every one of the label’s three releases to date. Until recently though, his fusion of nebulous electronics, buoyant groove and on occasion, IDM sensibility had flown somewhat below the radar. The mix follows in a similar vein; occupying the same dreamy space as those aforementioned productions, we’re lead from to perfumed ambience into leftfield dancefloor material. Modestly going about his business, fans of lush, forward-thinking production would do well to remember the name P Relief.

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