With over twenty releases credited to various projects, Ernesto González has churned out fetid techno, gnarled punk and absorbing drone, but he’s best known for his output as Bear Bones, Lay Low. Under that name he’s done his finest work, imbuing krautrock, psych and cosmic freak-out with eastern flourishes, motorik pulse and the occasional dusting of drone-rock atmosphere.

A heady, meandering three-tracker of mind-altering electronics, last year’s Atlantean Encrypted Message replicated the deepest throes of an acid trip – if scientists were to chart brain activity under the influence of a psychoactive substance, and translate that data into waveforms, you can imagine that’s what it might sound like. No quasi-psychedelics here though, this Venezuelan musician’s a psychonaut through and through.

Running at just under an hour, the mix spans a myriad of styles, from modern classical, musique concrète, gamelan and dub into fourth world territory, avant-jazz and mescaline-soaked electronics. It’s an extension of González’s sonic persona, a deep dive into the paraconscious land he inhabits.

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