Heap – real name Florian Stöffelbauer – is fully committed to the DIY ethos, a quality prevalent across so many of the genres he finds influential. Taking cues from the wave, post-punk, industrial and synth scenes of the early 1980s, the Vienna native’s never looked for any handouts. Instead, he’s seized every opportunity to build a little empire of his own, from launching online record store Discus Throwers to kickstarting the Neubau imprint with Simon Heidemann.

Excavating relics from a vibrant but generally overlooked Austrian DIY scene, the last couple of years have seen the emergence of Neubau subsidiary Wiener Brut. It feels like the final part of a jigsaw joining dots between his passion for obscure curios, the “brutalism in Music” tagline that defines Neubau and Discus Throwers’ oddball curation. Between reissues and releasing contemporary sounds from the likes of Leo James, Mr. Ho and Heap himself, the various endeavours breath new life into genres and tropes long considered antiquated.

While Heap’s beginning to spread his wings as a producer, it’s the reputation as a killer DJ that precedes him – so much so, we asked him to play at the first If-Only party back in December 2017. Demonstrating that once again, the mix is an hour-long distillation of his wide-ranging influences, flitting between Neubau-esque aesthetics, ’80s oddities and a myriad of leftfield dance cuts.

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