Soraya Daubron, AKA Sentimental Rave, has cemented her status as a purveyor of accelerated BPMs. Acid techno to gabber, hardstyle and hardcore, the self-taught DJ and producer often deals in severe and punishing strains of dance music, presenting her uncompromising vision at every given opportunity. In a broader sense, Daubron – alongside the likes of Casual Gabberz, J-Zbel and OKO DJ – belongs to a generation of French acts championing the faster, more extreme fringes of the hardcore continuum.

Sentimental Rave productions straddle a fine line between youthful introspection and playful irreverence. Regularly drawing inspiration from French rap and rooted in rave, gabber and techno, it’s hard to pin down a specific ‘sound’ per se, but with track titles like ‘Don’t Want To Be Cool’, ‘Because I’m Female’, ‘Never Asking Favours’ and ‘Fuck You All’, the message is loud and clear. Audacious, and obnoxious, but also subversive, it’s indicative of someone simultaneously poking fun and undermining the seriousness of techno while addressing issues like gender inequality.

This is exactly what we’ve come to expect from a Sentimental Rave mix. Quick off the mark for a blunt force assault that builds in intensity, the French up-and-comer charges through nosebleed techno and increasingly unfettered dancefloor structures.

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