Overlooking the satellite dishes, derelict passageways and concrete of Kottbusser Tor sits Paloma, a ’70s-style refuge from the chaos on street level and one of several Berlin venues to prioritise intriguing programming over guaranteed money making lineups. That was particularly evident on September 27th this year, when all in attendance bore witness to a slow-burning masterclass in how to warm up a dancefloor. It was the handiwork of 2 DEEP, a new collaboration between Perila and Special Guest DJ, and luckily, someone had the foresight to record it.

With plumes of aerated synth emanating like a perfumed El Niño, opening stages are reflective of individual endeavours: better known to some as uon, Special Guest DJ has flexed some ambient experimentalism on labels like Motion Ward and West Mineral Ltd., while Perila’s fascination with ASMR and field recording has rendered some truly sensuous results.

Entering illbient and trip hop territory, smudged electronics soon make way for the first real semblance of groove. They continued in this vein for the remainder, never deviating too far from those massaging beginnings while attracting people to the dancefloor like moths to a flame.

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