The second release on Musica Altra swerves from the earnest beatsy pining of the debut into the hyper-energetic “psychedelic Italian Cumbia” of Indianizer, concealing a choice weirdo cut from Don’t DJ. Borne out of a scramble of guitar strings wound backwards, the paranoid, tense rhythm is phased, the off-kilter momentum feeling like it’s trying to catch up with itself. It’s a weird mimicry which manages to suggest the restless, driving energy of freak-out motorik and garage-psych that the original touches on; part Can, part S-Beat, and part Tame Impala. This track is part Durian, placing focus on the phase shifting polyrhythms which split and become more complex, simply hinting at the original. The weird forward-leaning energy and subtle aspects of the original condense as the track goes on; a bit of close reverb around the guitar, a wonky psyche bassline reimagined via synth, far-out tape FX, feedback and  snare rolls, all subtly hung and dubbed out.

Mazel Tov II is out now on Musica Altra – buy the vinyl here.

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