Across three years of prosperity, Dusseldorf’s Candomblé have carved out a singularly fractured niche. Redolent with 8-bit atavism and low-res leanings, theirs is a filigreed dropship, patched up and repurposed for the dance. On this, their first full-length communiqué, the Zeta Reticulan hard cru triangulate their wow signals by way of Paris, hitting up 404 for a debut LP of radical praxis.

Off Course presents an open cluster of proto-planetary explorations: seven tracks of emotional circuitry, dashed across dusty loading screens and the outer reaches of the cosmos. C-THRU ambient synths rub shoulders with off-world drum circles, encouraging the listener to privilege feeling over thinking.

Our pick, ’Gon Dole’, begins in medias res, rapidly sculpting isolated vistas, which resonate through interplanetary space. 404 do the ‘high-low//old-new’ thing with practiced precision, rupturing the artificial stillness with a swelling chorus of hyper-realised incidentals. As much a salute to the twin gods of science and progress as a weapon for ‘the heads’, 4 minutes seems scant opportunity to breath in the aether.

Off Course is out December 13th on Candomblé – pre-order here

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