Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering, has predicted that the technological singularity – in layman’s terms, when artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence – could be our reality by the year 2045. Contrary to fears that the machines will take over, however, Kurzweil’s predictions draw parallels with idealistic transhumanist theory championed by futurist psychonauts like Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson. In short, he suggests humanity can achieve synergy with this new super-intelligence as AI enhances human civilisation, rather than displacing it (with an 86% accuracy rate in his predictions, chances are he’s on the money). For technophobes, conspiracy theorists and the plain paranoid, these may be fairly alarming, albeit exciting times, but Belfast-based producer Ai Messiah embraces the utopian vision for impending Touch Sensitive Records release, Sentience & Sapience.

A sprawling, tripped-out odyssey meditating on the exploratory spirit of kosmische, Fourth World’s boundary-less aesthetics, new age optimism and perfumed ambience, Ai Messiah’s esoteric debut encourages technological transcendence and promotes synaptic growth. Interspersed with field recordings, the bewildering fog of processed samples and haunting choralism, it draws you in to an imagined immaterial dimension. As the narrative unfurls, ‘Rendering Eden’ signals the dawn of a Kurzwellian utopia with its undulating tapestry of rousing strings, soarings pads, glimmering synth notes and cutting-edge sound design.

Sentience & Sapience is out November 16th on Touch Sensitive Records – pre-order direct from the label.

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