Candomblé don’t fuck about as they unleash their fourth record, served up with relish by executive chef Aki Aki. Hot on the heels of LSW’s weirdo wave/art-rock LP from two months ago, we return to familiar surroundings – hyperpercussive, psychedelic, with plenty of direct charge; similar energy to the first two EPs.

It’s low slung at throbbing tempo, a steady drip of bassline acid locked into bubbling, intricate rhythm; similar proto Goa and half-speed trance to recent Mirror Zone, Superconscious and Pilotwings. The neo-chug and higher percussion lays solid bedrock for the dubby squawks and upper canopy whistles to lead half-shut eyes; A2 is a cheeky shuffler with a breaks snare and strutting inspiral bass; B2 plots through Sandoz bleep, breaking into sunrise epiphany halfway through.

Ours is B1, ‘Opti-Mystik Dub’; a collaboration Rasputin, sous-chef, Dusseldorf native and key Candomblé family member. We’re drawn in with bendy chimes and a creaking dub siren, a slow kick setting the pace. The pressure builds as we stomp through the nocturnal undergrowth, coming apart halfway through to amp up energy slightly – more drive/determination, more periphery fizzing/zapping. Lurka trance for those sure enough to keep it slow.

Dishjockey is out soon on Candomblé.

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