Banlieue Records, a label best known for its club-ready focus, serves up a curveball with the latest outing. The sophomore release from Turkish-American artist AltkatLakerda is an intriguing, mesmeric listen from a musician and percussionist with a background of playing in Sephardic and Balkan bands. Deconstructing what’s commonly perceived as contemporary or traditional, the experimental and heady qualities fit the Banlieue bill in many ways, yet it provides a soporific antidote to the dance-heavy back catalogue.

‘Solstice Night’ is spacious and magnetising. Altkat weaves together hollowed metallic samples with glimmering reassuring melodies, plucked strings and resonating bleeps which conjure a solacing narrative. It’s a great onset to the album, one where experimental exploration of noise-as-music is juxtaposed with traditional Turkish instrumentation, abstracting the confines of time and location.

The Lakerda LP is out early June on Banlieue Records – pre-order here.

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