For the uninitiated, the debut from Paul Rafferty, AKA Ancient Plastix, goes against the grain of what we’ve come to expect from a Maple Death Records release. The London label’s back catalogue brims with doom-laden energy, but S/T is comparably elegiac in atmosphere. That said, it isn’t a total left-turn – just take J.H. Guraj’s delicately balanced opus, Introspection / Migration.

With only a cheap Yamaha synth and a selection of guitar pedals at his disposal, Rafferty dusted of the old Tascam 414, hoping to channel the same wide-eyed enthusiasm he had using it as a teen. A sense of restraint pervading throughout, the resultant cassette comes bearing soft but sonically detailed textures. It’s a suite of neo-ambient that could easily double as the soundtrack to some tightly-plotted noir.

S/T is out December 11th on Maple Death Records | Pre-order here

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