Ando Laj‘s music takes familiar elements and kneads them into soundscapes both otherworldly and bewildering. Treading a similar path to Slab, a 77-minute long album released as a USB stick back in January, the enigmatic Canadian now returns to Origin Peoples, taking another deep dive into the uncanny with impending 5-tracker, Sand.

A low-slung synthesis of machine-funk and eerie electronics, opening gambit ‘Conj’ is a mystifying exercise in manipulation and sound collage. A proper trip, this is heightened with every melodic flourish: guttural vocal work, so heavily vocoded it’s near-indecipherable; drifting pads reminiscent of fog-like effects during the first encounter in 1950s sci-fi movie; additional FX and atmospherics serving as the final ingredient as we achieve full immersion into Ando Laj’s peculiar world; it all coalesces into something simultaneously alluring and unusual.

Sand is out July 27th on Origin Peoples – pre-order direct from the label.

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