Lo and behold, Kirsty Pemberton and Henry Zoonka, long-acclaimed disciples of the pagan sonic underworld, have linked up to form new a new label. Showcasing the stormy, psychedelic flex of several artists said to have 12″ releases waiting in the wings, we also have details of a first outing: a heavy-duty compilation, Sonorous Chamber‘s Label Sampler One comes laden with all the textures and atmospheres you’d expect from the likes of MR TC, Andria and KGBK.

The sinewy, belligerent sound design embellished onto Andria‘s ‘Whispers of Hurricane Ike’ makes for a worthy listen. As heard on previous efforts for Phase Group and YES Belgrade, an affinity for the unheimlich, industrial colours remerges uncapped; fastened to a glitched suite of pounding tribal rhythm, squalls of demonic synth prove impossible to pin down in the ferment of the Serbian producer’s sound.

Label Sampler One is out now on Sonorous Chamber | Buy it here

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