One-time psychologist Andy Rantzen has found a new lease of life thanks to the archeological efforts of Michael Kucyk and his Noise In My Head offshoot, Efficient Space. The Sydney-based musician made his name with tape damaged electronics and euphoric dance cuts indebted to “all of Sydney’s ecstasy dealers,” but following close to twenty years out of the game, an industrial-infected cut on the Steele Bonus-curated retrospective Oz Waves paved the way for a more focused and in-depth exploration of Rantzen’s dubbed-out constructions.

Recorded around the turn of the century from a studio sandwiched between a law firm and a house of ill repute, four tracks previously confined a fate of obscurity are due for release, packaged under the title 1​/​66. Built around a slo-mo breakbeat, ‘Green Man’ is the most divergent inclusion. Imbued with hip hop sensibility, a near-indecipherable vocal sample – “we’re having fun,” maybe? – loops to hypnotic effect while an eerie spectre of a synth line drifts between the loping rhythms. Equal parts playful and trance-inducing, here’s hoping this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Andy Rantzen.

1​/​66 is out October 27th on Efficient Space – pre-order direct from the label here.

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