The sprawling Belgian familiana of Vastechoses turn from the familiar irradiated wastelands of acid tweaked industrial and lurka ambient to explore the nearby, welcome terrain of digi-dub. A logical step, notaries from the extended Vasteverse are well equipped to apply their precision experiments and fucked electronics with focus here; all shades are considered, mystical ambient dub ringing with ghost harmonics from deep tubes – an irascible dembow wanders into view for the final stretch; nocturnal ritual, long delays and closely wrung snares which could tip over into an amen at any moment; nostalgia which remembers the dark, thick and fragrant DMZ, or maybe TNT Roots, or maybe Drums of Defiance, Spooky, or maybe none of these.

Ours is Antoine 80, who summons up sonorous, saudade bass which echoes long through the well, and the lolling, half-shuffle complex of snares and cymbals drops us to the deep reggaeton/haunted dancehall of Python and some recent Dinamarca. ‘Mifigmirèz’ lilts and rolls, with more weight/definition than these touchstones – more Bristol, maybe. Set amongst the varied, striking company on this ours cuts a very high mark. Vastedub is highly recommended.

Vastedub is out January 10th on Vastechoses.

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