Only three months on since christening the label as Raw Ambassador and Antonio Barbetta‘s already set for a return to UN.T.O. Records under his principal moniker. Devoted to pushing  raw and uninhibited dance tracks from the Bel Paese or “Beautiful Country,” the Milanese label that stands for “UNintelligent Trax Outsourcing” have gone straight for the jugular with this one. Spread over five tracks, none fit that brief better than the cut we have the pleasure of bringing you today.

Practically everything about ‘Untitled’ is high octane, from the raw, searing hi-hats to the turbulent acid lines. It’s demanding and insistent, but intensely moreish and engaging. There also a bit of warmth to be found among the warped 303s. Above the harsh and rugged environment Antonio’s constructed, a surging synth wash ushers you further into the melee with a welcoming embrace, the contrasting melodic elements sparring for your attention throughout its duration.

The Antonio EP is out on June 24th – pre-order direct from the label.

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