Evoking all the magic of a shimmering synth pop tune with an uptempo twist, producer Barry Helafonte manages to craft a luxuriously crisp piece on his latest EP. Arriving soon on Arcane, you might have seen his name on a recent Ray Kandinski release from the NY label without realising they’re actually one and the same.

Major key sounds and plunking percussion all align perfectly to create a cosmic slice of joyous, retro-leaning house that covers a lot of ground in its relatively short duration. ‘Sparkling Mango’s eventual breakdown showcases Helafonte’s vast melting pot of influences: the ethereal cleanse of new age music, the diced up funk often associated with vintage electro and beyond – it isn’t an exaggeration to say that if you don’t like this, then you most certainly have no soul.

Base Unit is out December 25th on Arcane.

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