Even those well-versed in dreamy alt-pop would be forgiven for having a blind spot with Bélver Yin. Formed by Pedro Ortega Sánchez and José María Martín, the band’s 1991 debut is something of a forgotten gem. A gleaming, criminally under-appreciated shoegaze album of Spanish origin, it’s the latest curiosity uncovered by Efficient Space, the Noise In My Head label whose desire to excavate music long-buried continues unabated.

Luz Bell oozes with hopeless romanticism. Soaring, sun-bleached and ethereal, closer listens reveal persistent undertones of melancholy. It radiates with a real sense of nostalgia and adolescent yearning, best typified on the sprawling ‘Pétalos y Cenizas’.

Luz Bel is out July 24th on Efficient Space | Pre-order here

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