Digital care package incoming! Monsieur Jacques Torrance packages Delicate Cycle as a nifty midsummer offering on his fresh-faced Electroménager imprint. In a contemporary context this gorgeous 5-track package coincides with the recent observable glimpses of life on our streets, impressively. There’s much to be picked from it.

Not falling shy of the sharp, heavy percussive, punchy well-to-do attitude colouring its predecessors, Delicate Cycle explores sounds that have quite obviously taken inspiration from the UK’s techno scene. Experimental-ambient-gatekeeper Ben Bondy, however, takes things in a different direction on a contribution both particularly stunning and a reminder of his sublime exael collaboration for Huerco. S’s West Mineral Ltd.. A tripped-out ambient twist of birdsong and a goosebump-inducing synth melody, leaving you with a unique feeling of being sprawled out in the middle of the most idyllic garden you’ve ever imagined, utopia?

Delicate Cycle is out July 1st on Electroménager | Pre-order here

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