No!, the title to Big Yawn‘s debut album, is a statement in itself – the in-joke being that in the studio, ‘no’ actually means ‘yes’. Experimental tendencies nurtured, the resulting album captures the irrepressible energy of a jam session with its pastiche of krautrock, footwork, post-punk and UK bass, but also out on Research Records, an accompanying remix EP moves into waters previously uncharted.

Maria Moles, Bullant, Raymond Scottwalker and Butter Sessions founders Sleep D also feature, but Dimitris Papadatos, AKA Jay Glass Dubs, is the focus of our attention. Where ‘Body Double’ was already heavy in reverb, Papadatos applies the dub dynamics in typical JGD fashion. As expected, the Bokeh Versions and Berceuse Heroique artist leads you knee-deep into the murk.

No! Remixes is out March 5th on Research Records | Pre-order here

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