Given the massaging, horizontal leanings of the Sanpo Disco mix series, a compilation curated by its founder Rowan Mason was always likely to sit somewhere between the soothing and melancholy. From the unperturbed bliss of John Elder’s sprawling arrangements to Sam Mallet’s solemn, Fourth World-influenced timbres, Midday Moon sidesteps the new age umbrella ambient music of Antipodean origin is too often lumped under, pulling together a collection of Australian and New Zealand ambient circa 1980-1995.

Out soon on Brisbane label Bedroom Suck Records, today’s premiere comes from a Blair Greenberg, whose only other musical credits appear to be playing djembe and darabuka on an album exploring indigenous Aboriginal rhythms. Bearing in mind the aforementioned background in percussion, the meditative ‘Gleaming’ treads a predictable path – against a perfumed, synth-suffused backdrop, amongst choral pads and Jon Hassell-esque bass swells, marimba patterns meander nimbly toward an uncertain destination.

Midday Moon is out now on Bedroom Suck Records – buy it direct from the label.

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