Next up on Computer Controlled Records comes Finnish producer Boneless One, treating us to 4 cuts of twisted acieed and future electro. With a penchant for Chicago house and Detroit techno-influenced output, the raucous thump and heavy TB303 focus of his Pixelae Destructium EP sits flush against recent releases from DJ Overdose and Mark Forshaw on the Belfast label.

A1’s ‘Acid Chops’ begins with a bit-crushed, effervescent vocal refrain of “acid acid, house” as clean claps, hi-hat tings and a restrained drum kit loop keep the motif in place before the madness unfurls. The Roland TB303 provides the acid sleaze at the back of the mix before everything degenerates at the 00:50 mark when a huge booming bass spews out lower Hz in thumping 4/4 signature. One for the warehouse 5 AM set with its stripped-back, bass boosted signature and rampant acid refrain.

The Pixelae Destructium EP is out March 10th on Computer Controlled Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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