Zambon‘s sterling efforts to unearth Polish oddities and curiosities are currently being matched by Future Nuggets, the Bucharest-based collective providing a platform to off-kilter sounds of Romanian origin. It’s proving exceedingly fertile ground too. Plundering the Rodigan GA archives for Strut, offering a string of releases from contemporary projects and now putting the spotlight on their hometown’s emergent electronic scene, their various efforts have been well received, and deservedly so.

Khidja and Borusiade have already earned plaudits for their work on labels like Emotional Especial and Cómeme and they join two relatively unknown quantities for the P-Balans debut. Shadowy productions saturated with psychedelic fervour and cosmic intrigue, we’re delighted to premiere the odd one of the bunch, courtesy of the latter.

Where the accompanying tracks conjure images of celestial voyaging, the industrial-tinged ‘Marsch’ sounds more like a descent into the shadowy realm of Hades. Insistent and unyielding, measured stabs of treacly bass swarm over clever arrangements as Borusiade slowly dials up the low end, but her intricate drum patterns cut through the murk like headlights in the fog. Just tread carefully when performing the Danse Macabre on the edge of that swirling vortex.

P-Balans Vol. 1 is out on June 20th – pre-order the vinyl direct from Redeye.

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