Frankly he can’t see the hardcore dying any time soon.

Visionary collage researcher and probably the eskiest, it’s our Broshuda – whose fragrant mist of kaleidoscopic loops and dubby effects builds a delicate world of light, shifting tectonics for us to glide through in dreamtime.

Following on from Jemi and You’ll Always Stay Beautiful, the next release is a heartfelt 7” on Cologne based RDK Island. We’re brought two exquisite songs of innocence – first the drifting, rocking Face2; built around a central winding low purr and twinkling, filtered keys, it’s slowly clad and detailed with shifting textures; echoing drips and chirps which reverberate and shuffle into the ether over a periphery/parallel whir.

The second is ‘Voices’, featured here. A vocal fragment glimmers in the midst of ebullient, sighing swooshes – doubt seeps in as we move, still sweet, hopeful, but becoming complicated. Naive to think we know enough. The world becomes darker and we tumble slow motion, like in dark water. Long trails of delay mark the path and soon it’s uncertain terrain, not sure if we’re ok.

It’s true, the release is in fact “glistening and equally heartfelt.” Broshuda continues to refine his unique tone here – experimental, sentimental, and restrained. It’s out here and then.

RDK004 is out September 20th on RDK Island – pre-order here.

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