Given he’s named after a percussive instrument, it’s no surprise that Cabasa‘s music has been centred around rhythm. A preoccupation passed on from his old man – an active DJ in Belgium’s thriving new beat scene during the 1980s – rhythmic experimentation remains a continuing theme as the London-based producer inaugurates fledgling label, Eclipse Tribez.

A clutch of slo-mo steppers taking cues from UK bass, breaks, digi-dancehall, dub techno and the strangest corners of the On-U Sound vaults, Uncle Sigmund’s EP has echoes of Adrian Sherwood’s African Head Charge output. Through the rolling drums, smeared reverb, bassweight and rainforest sounds, a drifting patina of melody places opening cut ‘Uso Sketch’ somewhere between dread futurism and perfumed ambience.

Uncle Sigmund’s EP is out June 4th on Eclipse Tribez – pre-order direct from the label.

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